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V o l u n t e e r

At Kenosha City Church it is our mission to lead people to become
fully devoted followers of Jesus that fearlessly change the world.

We are not spiritual consumers,
we are spiritual contributors.

Serving is a vital part of the discipleship journey.

It’s our goal that when you serve, you know the significant impact you make,
build friendships on your team and have fun!

Meet some of our volunteer leaders below!


Host Team


Worship Team


Midweek Administration


Revolution Youth


City Kids

a variety of ministries for a variety of ages!

Take a look at the ministries that set the pace of the environment and culture at Kenosha City Church!
BUILDINGS & GROUNDS TEAM: Help Kenosha City Church be a great steward of the environments used every week. Help make this place work and shine at peak potential with our buildings & grounds team, either inside our building or outside with the garden team.

HOST TEAM: Create a comfortable environment online or in person where people can be open to receiving God's love and truth.

CITY KIDS LEADERS: Create a fun, safe environment for kids birth through elementary school every weekend.

MIDWEEK ADMINISTRATION TEAM: Help people connect, feel welcome, and support the behind the scenes administration of Kenosha City Church.

DIGITAL PRODUCTION TEAM: Join the team that creates the main auditorium and online experiences: running cameras, photography, stagehand, and midweek graphics/social media content creation.

REVOLUTION YOUTH LEADERS: Connect with students from middle and high school to find their way in a world full of questions.

WORSHIP & A/V TEAM: Join the team that creates the main auditorium musical experiences on the weekend or special events: vocalists, instrumentalists, sound board, and slides.

We encourage you to take the first step in expressing your interest in serving.

We are committed to you serving where you feel excited, 
so there’s no harm in checking out a few ministries before you find the right fit.

Whatever your gifts, we would love to find a perfect fit for you on one of our teams!