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The Mission

To lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

The Vision

To be a church that personally connects people to the gospel.

What We Believe

It's about advancing the gospel.

Life is too short and the stakes are too high to know what we know and do nothing.

It's about going all in.

We are spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers.

It's about authenticity.

We are not perfect people. We are people MADE NEW.

It's about the bible.

We take God at His word.

It's about our community.

We are for the good of Kenosha.

It's about honor.

We choose to see the best in each other.

It's about hospitality.

We will be a place where guests feel at home.

It's about praise.

We have a reason to celebrate!

It's about prayerful dependence.

We invite God to do what only He can do.

Our Pastors and Staff

Andy McGowan

Will Harold 

Family Pastor
[email protected]

Brandon McCowan

Youth Pastor
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Sami Bartmer
Operations Leader
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Sydney Metallo
Digital Communications
[email protected]

The Kenosha City Church staff is here to help you grow in your faith!

Call us at (262) 654-7957
Email us at [email protected]


Sunrise Kids

Paul & Mary Kamunge care for over 40 Sunrise Kids in Kenya. Through their ministry, they are able to provide new clothes, beds, animals & even homes for the children and their families. Though they live in some of the world's worst poverty, the Kamunge's are able to minister to this special group of kids. Most importantly, they share the good news of Christ with these kids every week.  Along with his work with the Sunrise Kids, Paul works at Moffat Bible College as a professor to train up the next generation of pastors in Kenya.

Go Live Dare

Go Live Dare is looking to activate a generation in South Africa and the rest of the continent of Africa. Through gospel-advancing methods, Donovan and Chantel organize Lead the Cause camps. These camps encourage students to be bold and share their faith with their friends. In South Africa, the average age is 26 years old so encouraging the next generation of the church is vital. 

Blazing Trees

Of Russia’s 96 people groups, there are 94 that are unreached; 40 of those are unengaged with the Gospel. Don Buege seeks to lower that number through sharing what he believes to the Russian people. Russian laws enacted in July of 2016 have severely restricted religious liberty, making it illegal to be evangelistic. However, this persecution is bringing about an awakening of the church, and a resolve to glorify God by making disciples.

Grande Mandato with Stefano Longo

 Stefano is equipping and building a movement of gospel-advancing churches in Northern Italy through Grande Mandato Ministry.
There is a movement of God happening that has not occurred in hundreds of years and our
partnership will fund this movement of God through the training and mobilization of pastors.

Agape International Missions (AIM)

Agape International Missions (AIM) rescues, protects, and rehabilitates women and children in the human trafficking industry.
Part of AIM's rehab process is to introduce these women and children to the love of God because they know that healing
of that depth won't come from anywhere else. Once the women are ready, AIM offers them a job making AIM apparel.
This job offers them a 400% greater than average income in Cambodia so that they never have to go back to the life that they
were rescued from. Every piece of apparel bought from AIM goes to give these women a good job and great opportunity for
a well taken care of future. You can buy Kenosha City Church themed apparel made by AIM's rescued women using the link below!


Village Creek Bible Camp

Village Creek Bible Camp in Iowa is a year-round ministry offering life-changing camp experiences enabling people of all ages
to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Since 1972, Village Creek has offered a wide variety of camps
and retreats and is dedicated to serving as an extension of the local church.  Located in northeast Iowa’s beautiful
Bluff Country just a few miles west of the Mississippi River, Village Creek offers each of its campers beautiful
surroundings, staff and counselors who care, and practical spiritual direction.  In this setting, they have seen
thousands of campers of every age come to faith in Christ.

Inspiration Ministries

Based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Inspiration Ministries stands out from other special needs residences because of their warm, loving family environment and Christ-centered vision. All the residents are treated with professionalism and care by a staff that is passionate about seeing each person grow in his or her independence and relationship with God.

Youth For Christ

Youth For Christ in South Eastern Wisconsin provides many programs to students in our community. Through Campus Life, they have the opportunity to give support to clubs in local schools that teach the Bible. Through Juvenile Justice, they give support to those who find themselves in detention centers.  Youth for Christ's goal is to see every young person in every people group in every nation have the opportunity to make an informed decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ and to become a part of a local church.

Alliance Women's Clinic

Alliance Women's Clinic is located in the uptown neighborhood of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Through their efforts, they are able to help provide a pro-life option in Kenosha. They give free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and classes in order to support the new parents to be. They not only help prior to the pregnancy but also after through parenting classes, counseling, and material resources. With the combined efforts of the staff, nurses, ultrasound technicians, and client advocates, the gospel is being directly shared and men and women are invited into the Church.

Join us Sunday mornings
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